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The MLCC is an all-volunteer organization that informs, serves, and advocates for the residents and businesses of Mt. Lookout, Cincinnati. Founded in 1906, it is the oldest continually operated civic organization in the State of Ohio. 

Brookfield Lane Development

A developer is proposing to construct a new, six home development off of the east side of Delta Avenue in a currently wooded ravine. The homes would be accessed by way of a new street called Brookfield Lane.  

The home sites would be built in the ravine, located in the wooded area bounded by Hardisty Ave, Isis Ave, and Hidden Wood Place, and behind Kilgour School. The area is zoned SF-10, meaning that each lot would be a minimum of 10,000 sf (just shy of 1/4 acre each). The area is also located within a Hillside Overlay District, which adds additional constraints regarding setbacks and excavation. The developer’s plan for the proposed development is linked below.  

 We are continuing to stay in touch with the developer and the City about the project and will provide updates at our bi-monthly community council meetings and/or in our MLCC Observer newsletters, as they become available.

For the latest information directly from the City, you can visit the Department of Planning & Engagement webpage dedicated to the Brookfield development.

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