Thanks to all who made our 7th Annual Mt. Lookout Golf Outing a success on May 17, 2014! To learn more about this event click below

Mt. Lookout paver

Support the square, get your loved ones name memorialized on a paver. The 2013 “Summer Batch” of Pavers have been installed. Look for your name!
Order here!

What's new in Mount Lookout

Mount Lookout Great American CleanupThe Mt. Lookout Scholarship and Endowment Fund is currently accepting applications for 2014. This scholarship is for an individual who is pursuing post secondary education. This could be with an accredited college, technical college, or community college. The award is a one-time $500.00 scholarship. Each year we award one or two of these scholarships depending on the number of candidates submitted. Learn more ...

Proposed Delta Avenue Restriping Project. Input wanted.

Our Mission:

Founded in 1906, the Mt. Lookout Community Council is the oldest continually operated civic organization in the State of Ohio.  Fostering a heritage of philanthropic and civic activism, we are neighbors committed to the continuous advancement of community pride and camaraderie; economic growth and access for our business district; the protection and aesthetic improvement of our renowned square, our historic streets and observatory; the celebration of our people, and our way of life.

Mt. Lookout is a wonderful place to live, work, and play. Residents are encouraged to take an active role in the community and participate in MLCC community meetings and events. There has never been a better time to get involved in your community!

We are a non-profit, volunteer organization and our mission is to inform, serve, and improve the quality of life for Mt. Lookout residents and visitors.

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