Mt. Lookout Scholarship and Endowment Fund

The Mt. Lookout Scholarship and Endowment Fund is for any individual pursuing post secondary education, whether it be with an accredited college, technical college, or community college. The award is a one-time $500 scholarship. Each year, one or two of these scholarships is awarded, depending on the number of submissions received.

The requirements for consideration are as follows:

— Submission of a transcript through the Senior year of high school
— Graduating GPA minimum of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or numerical equivalent
— Demonstrated volunteerism in the community by the applicant
— A two page double spaced essay on “The value of volunteerism in the community”
— Membership (or parent membership) in the Mt. Lookout Community Council (click here to renew your annual $20 MLCC membership)

The scholarship can be used for any expense directly related to the post-secondary education: tuition, books, housing, or other reasonable and customary expense.

We have temporarily paused submissions for the scholarship fund. Please check back for more details.

Questions? Contact the MLCC Board for additional information.