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Plan Cincinnati (click for updates)


The city of Cincinnati’s Department of Planning and Buildings is developing “Plan Cincinnati” – A Comprehensive Plan for future growth and development. The Plan is the result of participation from citizens and business owners led by city planners and specialized consultants. The link below will take you to the web site where the current draft of “Plan Cincinnati” is available, including a way to send your comments to the city regarding the Plan.

Square Revitalization (click for updates)

The Mt. Lookout Community Development Corp (MLCDC) has raised over $1.2 million for the Mt. Lookout Square Revitalization Project. The City of Cincinnati has contributed the most funding to this project through the Neighborhood Business District Improvement Program.

The following is an overview of the Project Phases:

Phase 1 Construction (2010):

This initial phase of construction is a significant “next step” in a series of ongoing efforts in Mt. Lookout to implement the Urban Design Plan approved by the City of Cincinnati in 1998. The scope of this phase includes sidewalk, green space, lighting, and pedestrian safety/flow improvements in the south end of the Business District (Mt. Lookout Square). In addition, utility services will be improved. Future phases will address pedestrian safety, traffic flow and green space in the north end of the Square, as well as parking island barrier refurbishment .

The Mt. Lookout Community believes that businesses, residents, and visitors will all greatly benefit from the improvements proposed in our Phase 1 plan. Ultimately, this first phase is a catalyst for change that will establish a foundation upon which we can transform the business district into a more “people friendly” place to visit.

Phase 2 Construction (2011):

This second phase of construction is intended to be the final “next step” in a series of efforts that have been in progress for over six years. Mt. Lookout’s goal has always been to implement Urban Design Plan improvements approved by the City of Cincinnati over a decade ago. We are very close to realizing this goal! The scope of this phase is focused on the north end of the Square and includes:

– Sidewalk replacement/ re-grading
– Improved lighting
– Additional and improved (low maintenance) green space
– Traffic/pedestrian safety improvements
– Island barrier sealing/staining

In addition, the community is rallying around engraved pavers, benches, and other accessories to augment the appeal of the revitalized business district. We are raising our own funds for these items.

Phase 2 Construction helps Mt. Lookout bring this long planning and construction process to closure. We ARE transforming the business district into a greener, more “people friendly” place to do business and enjoy this great community.