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MLCC Square Landscape and Maintenance Committee Update – August 2019

The MLCC Square Landscape and Maintenance Committee has been at work to make the Square a more inviting place for MLCC residents. The committee has accomplished the following:

  1. Acquired an Ohio state flag to be flown on the flag-pole with the US flag – residents should see it shortly.  State Representative Tom Brinkmann secured this for Mt. Lookout.
  2. Worked with the city of Cincinnati and Rumpke to make certain that trash cans in the square are emptied promptly and regularly.
  3. Spoken to the US postal station to remove graffiti on postal boxes – this should be removed in the next several weeks.
  4. Monitored the work done by the current landscaping contractors to make certain the plantings and shrubs are maintained.
  5. Replanting of some shrubbery along the Mt. Lookout steps and maintenance of those plantings.
  6. Removal of former parking poles in center island (what was left after new parking procedures implemented).

The committee has developed a list of short and long-term projects that it is pursuing.  These include:

  1. Securing estimates to either fix or replace the current water fountain in the center island.
  2. Secure estimates to install a spigot for watering of flowers and shrubs.
  3. Securing estimates for landscape maintenance for spring, summer, fall of 2020.
  4. Exploring the purchase of different flowerpots to make a more visual impact in square.
  5. Exploring removal of damaged magnolia in the Linwood traffic island and replacing with a dwarf line (this to create a more unified look entering and leaving Mt. Lookout)
  6. Exploring possibility of a Mt. Lookout sign (like the one at Delta) for the Linwood island.
  7. Getting estimates to replace broken and missing pavers in the square sidewalks.
  8. Exploring the efficacy of something other than mulch around trees in square.
  9. Exploring the idea of community groups to help “clean-up” square several times a year.

We thank all members of the community who do their part to help keep the square a place that all can enjoy.  If anyone has something that they would like to see addressed or has any ideas about how to improve the square, please let the MLCC know.


We are fortunate to have District 2 of the Cincinnati Police Department taking care of the Mt. Lookout Community.  They designate a Community Liaison Officer who participates and provides bimonthly reports at each of our public meetings.

Nextdoor is a community website on which neighbors can post information about what’s happening in our neighborhood – such as upcoming events, free stuff, available babysitters, service provider recommendations, even lost and found pets. It’s a great way to learn more about Mt. Lookout!

Our MLCC bimonthly public meetings are great source of information. Be sure to stop by and take part in the discussions. If you have questions or topics that you’d like discussed at the next meeting, send a note to

The City posts neighborhood service schedules for trash, recycling & yard waste collection, Christmas tree collection, street sweeping and more. Enter your address to get the most up-to-date information.