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In response to concerns raised by residents of Mt. Lookout and Hyde Park regarding the demolition of homes and the splitting of large lots for development of multiple houses (referred to as "subdivision" in city code), the City Planning Commission and City Council have enacted two separate measures to temporarily increase the level of review of these activities:

  1. Subdivision Permit Review: Subdivision permit applications involving the division of a lot into 5 or fewer new lots are typically filed with and reviewed by the City's Building and Inspections Department. On May 18, 2018, the Cincinnati City Planning Commission temporarily suspended Chapter 6 (Division of Land Process) of the City's Subdivision Rules requiring all lot split requests within Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout to also be reviewed by the City Planning Commission. This suspension is in place for a period of 100 days, expiring on August 25, 2018.

  2. Interim Development Control (IDC) Overlay District No. 81, "Hyde Park/Mt. Lookout District": Similar to subdivision permits, demolition permits are also filed with and reviewed by the City's Building and Inspections Department. IDC Overlay District No. 81 , enacted by City Council on June 6th, now requires that all demolition permits filed in Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout also undergo additional review by the City Planning Commission. This emergency ordinance took effect immediately and will be in place until September 6, 2018.

These measures will not stop demolition or lot split activity. However, they add an additional level of review - City Planning Commission approval - to the process. The City Planning Commission reviews demolition and lot split requests at their bi-monthly meetings which are held on the first and third Fridays of the month at 9:00 a.m.:

Two Centennial Plaza
J. Martin Griesel Room, 7th Floor
805 Central Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

These meetings are open to the public and attendees are given opportunity to speak prior to votes.


While the Interim Development Control (IDC) Overlay District is in effect, demolition or lot split permit applications are filed with the City, and a review of the permit requests are placed on the agenda for the next City Planning Commission Meeting that is at a least three weeks away. The Department of City Planning will immediately notify the community council of the request(s). They are also required to provide adjacent property owners notification of the permit request and the scheduled hearing date. This is typically completed through a notification letter sent out via U.S. Mail. Property owners generally receive these notifications at least two weeks prior to the scheduled hearing date.

  • Upon receiving notice of a permit request, the Mt. Lookout Community Council will post the information under the Permit Request Notifications sections both below and on the homepage of our website .

  • You can also proactively keep an eye on the status of specific permit requests and when they are scheduled to be reviewed by visiting the City's ezTrak Online Service webpage .

The following permit requests have been received by the City for properties in Mt. Lookout:






3139 and 3141 Kinmont Ave.

Subdivision of Land



Ann Marie Kerby

3246 Hardisty

Subdivision of Land



Stacey Hoffman

3538 Grandin Avenue

Subdivision of Land




1228 Grace Avenue

Subdivision of Land



3538 Grandin Avenue

Subdivision of Land



Information for upcoming City Planning Commission meetings are posted HERE . Meeting packets also include application materials as well as the City Planning staff's analysis and recommendation (Staff Report) for each application.

Comments regarding active applications can be submitted in person at the scheduled Planning Commission Meeting, or to the Department of City Planning via email to the contacts listed above.

For additional information, contact Jared Ellis, City Planner for the Department of City Planning, (513) 352-4843 or


The IDC Overlay District and suspension of Chapter 6 "Division of Land Process" are temporary measures. Their purpose is to give the City, our community and home builders time to develop a more permanent compromise to better manage future demolition and lot split requests within Mt. Lookout and Hyde Park.

During the 90-day period of the IDC, the Department of City Planning has been tasked with the formation of Neighborhood Conservation District (NDC)*. To assist in this study, City Council created a Subdivision and Zoning Working Group consisting of representatives from:

  • Hyde Park Community Council Executive Committee (one representative)

  • Mount Lookout Community Council Executive Board (one representative)

  • City of Cincinnati Mayor or his designee

  • Economic Growth and Zoning Committee (one representative)

  • City Planning Commission (one representative)

  • Homebuilders Association of Greater Cincinnati (two representatives),

  • Cincinnati Board of Realtors (one representative) 

This Working Group will explore a variety of options and develop a recommendation to be presented to community members and then to the City for review and approval. Possible outcomes may include:

  • Development of a new Neighborhood Conservation District

  • Changes to the City's Subdivision Regulations

  • Map amendments to the City's Zoning Code

  • Other text amendments to the City's Zoning Code

  • Policy and procedural changes

  • Other changes to be determined

The Mt. Lookout Community Council Board has appointed two individuals who will share the Mt. Lookout position on the Subdivision and Zoning Working Group:

  • Dan Prevost – President, MLCC Board

  • Laura Whitman – MLCC Director at Large

Both Dan and Laura can be reached at

*Neighborhood Conservation Districts (NDCs) are planning tools commonly used to preserve distinct neighborhood characteristics threatened by new development. NDCs vary between communities, and can be tailored to fit the needs and wants of specific communities. NDCs can be similar in concept to Historic Districts, but are less rigid, and offer more flexibility in terms of restrictions to be applied. More detailed information is available on the City's website .


The Subdivision and Zoning Working Group will meet weekly through early September. Meetings are held at 8:00 a.m. every Thursday at Two Centennial Plaza, 805 Central Avenue (5th floor board room). The meetings are open to the public.  A brief amount of time will be designated for the public to speak at each meeting.

All materials shared between Working Group members are posted on a dedicated Hyde Park & Mt. Lookout IDC Study page of the City's website.



As part of the current discussions about accelerated development in Mt. Lookout and Hyde Park, many residents have expressed concerns regarding the City's tax abatement program for new development. The tax abatement program is under the management of the City's Economic Development and Zoning Committee (not the Department of City Planning). Therefore, questions and comments regarding tax abatements should be directed to the City Council representatives who sit on that committee:

Due to the level of community interest in the tax abatement issue, the MLCC is looking into coordinating an opportunity for our residents to meet with City representatives and discuss this issue in more detail. More information about this meeting will be posted as it becomes available.

The Mt. Lookout Community Council is committed to working through the above issues with the City, and representing the interests of our community. We will continue to update our website with new information as it becomes available.

If you have questions or comments that you would like to share with the MLCC Board or our Working Group representatives, please send an email to

For additional information and updates, visit the City's Hyde Park & Mt. Lookout IDC Study webpage or contact Jared Ellis, City Planner for the Department of City Planning: (513) 352-4843 / .

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